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ST Construction based in Sleaford
Brick laying work completed by ST construction
Lifting Wood


Who We Are

ST Construction are your local and professional building company with almost a decade on industry experience in the building trade. 
Based in Sleaford, ST Construction ensure all our team are fully qualified, trained, and insured, and remain professional at all times. We take great pride in everything we do and ensure every building project is completed to the highest standards. 

What We Offer


Building maintenance is the diligent care and upkeep of structures to ensure their longevity and optimal functionality. This process involves inspecting, repairing, and preserving various elements such as electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, and structural components.


By routinely addressing wear and tear, performing preventive measures, and promptly fixing issues, building maintenance enhances safety, efficiency, and aesthetics.


Whether it's a residential dwelling, commercial space, or industrial facility, a well-maintained building not only promotes a comfortable and secure environment for occupants but also safeguards the property's long-term value. In essence, building maintenance is the cornerstone of sustainable and resilient infrastructures.

Construction Site


Our skilled team have years of experience in brick laying and can be counted on whatever the project may be. We also have experience in all aspects of pointing which ensures the stability and weather resistance of a property.

Accurate execution in both brick laying and pointing is crucial for durability and an attractive appearance. A skilled team is necessary to guarantee consistency, alignment, and a flawless final touch. To see how we can help you at ST Construction call us today.

Laying Bricks


Ranging from subtle upgrades to extensive renovations, these projects aim to enhance both functionality and looks.


From modernising interiors to renovating kitchens and bathrooms, home improvements cater to diverse tastes and evolving needs.


Whether it's the installation of energy-efficient features, updated appliances, or cosmetic changes like fresh paint and stylish fixtures, these enhancements elevate comfort and sustainability. More than just cosmetic, home improvements add value to properties, creating personalised beautiful homes that are also practical. 

Contractor at Work
brick laying

Very happy with the finish on my fireplace brickwork, it was a mess before but looks good as new after ST Construction had been in. Didn't take them long to do the work either, and were able to attend the property soon after my first enquiry. Great work ethic and very polite.

AlexT-741, Yell Review


Outstanding Quality

Contact Us

Looking for expert brick layers in Sleaford? Contact us at

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